Books, Exhibition Essays & Catalogues

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Les Cahiers de la Galerie #10 "Mormorii." Eveline Boulva. Galerie des arts visuels, Laval University, 2018
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RE: In Search of Horizons. Fiona Annis & Véronique Laperrière M. Montréal, 2010 Library and Archives Canada: Artists' Book Collection
LETTRES/LETTERS Edited by Mariane Bourcheix-Laporte & Anne-Marie Proulx. Éditions: MAAM, Montréal, 2010. ISBN : 978-0-88947-493-2
Imagining Science: art, science & social change Edited by Sean Caulfield, University of Alberta Press, 2008. ISBN: 0-88864-508-2 *Winner of the New York Book Show Award

Reviews & Articles

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Artwork Publications

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