Ace Art. PaperWait vol. 17. « An Ode to Astronomy. » Daina Warren, 2015 (exhibition essay)

(anglais seulement)

« Presently some theoretical physicists, like Laura Mersini-Houghton, think that our galaxy has a limit, and other scientists have even started to guess at the approximate shape of our universe, or that there is even celestial line that can be drawn where our universe ends.15 It seems that even something as big as the universe may have an end to it. What’s next or left after that? Everything that exists has a beginning, so does everything that exists have an ending? Or perhaps its form simply changes if we believe that matter and even energy changes form rather than disappear… Fiona Annis has found expressive, multifaceted ways of reusing latent technologies to describe these complex ideas about space and what we perceive of our universe, from light bulbs that gently simulate the rhythms of the catastrophes of faraway stars and supernovas, to the use of re ections to show our place in large, dark, mysterious space. »

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