At the heart of this Canadian artist’s practice is the exploration of the enigmatic and mysterious nature of photography. Her practice is not limited to a single technology, method, process, or subject, but investigates the fundamental elements of photography, such as light, paper, chemistry, and time. With a sustained engagement with analogue photographic materials and processes, Fiona integrates historic knowledge with a deeply contemporary approach.

Correspondences, is a series of images in which Annis chooses an unorthodox approach to photography — one that abandons the camera apparatus completely. The image titles, Letters I – IX, recall the primary source material — the envelopes and postage labels used to create the images, gathered from Annis’ personal archive. Annis frequently develops projects in connection to a historical context and in collaboration with other artists, and the series attests to the artist’s engagement with exchange and dialogue; and yet, without revealing the written content, the images become an homage more broadly to the act and practice of correspondence and dialogue.

Presented as a sequence of letters, the series explores soft-edged photographic abstraction, in a process that embraces the nuances and imperfections of the handmade and the timeworn. The exhibition is a testimony to Fiona’s ongoing quest to reimagine the topology of time using a medium traditionally known to capture it.

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