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Like a spell or an invocation, lullabies are a set of repeated words and lulling rhythms, an incantation intended to send children to sleep. They are by nature both soothing and hypnotic, inducing shifts of consciousness and acting as portals into the night, into the subconscious, and into the dream world. Practiced since time immemorial, lullabies are found in all corners of the world. They are tender and intimate, most often performed in private settings. Embedded within the melodic suggestion of abandon, lullabies are also coded with folklore, and sometimes tell surprisingly dark stories. This project presents an ongoing collection of lullabies that began in 2015. The archive contains a diversity of origins, languages and voices, that gathered together creates a soft murmur, from which the title of exhibition, Mormorii, takes its name. The exhibition combines audio, image, and light components to present an ultimately immaterial collection.

Texte d’exposition – Véronique La Perrière M.
Lire la revue – Bernard Lamarche, Fiona Annis. De l’oralité à l’auralité
Entretien vidéo – La Galerie des arts visuels


With thanks to the Galerie des arts visuels for giving wings to this previously intangible project and Avatar for their technical support. This project was initiated in the context of an artist residency at Rad’Art Project, an exchange facilitated by la Chambre blanche. This project would not have been possible without the contribution of many participants, including: Senn Annis, Clodet Beauparlant, Petra Carlsson, Fausto Errico, Georgia Giannopoulos, Yasmine Jouhari, Rafaelle Mackay, Isaac Neto, Piera Polci, Fadi Sakr and Carla Sintucci.

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