Guido Molinari Foundation

Residency + Solo Exhibition
Fondation Guido Molinari
Montréal, Québec
Residency: Jan 7 – Feb 29, 2024
Exhibition: Mar 14 – May 19, 2024

Artist talk: Jan 25, 2024
Dialogue with Ateliers Belleville: Feb 8, 2024
Dialogue with eunice bélidor: May 16, 2024
Inauguration: 5pm, Mar 14, 2024
Guided tour: 2pm, March 16, 2024

Thanks to the Conseil des arts et des lettres du Québec for their support in the realization of the project.

Time, as much as you want, a sea of light

Fiona Annis Studio

Tempo, tanto quanto vuoi, un mare di luce (Time, as much as you want, a sea of light)

A solo exhibition at: Zanzara arte contemporanea
Ferrara, Italy
Feb 17 – May 11, 2024
Artist talk: April 20, 2024
Link to exhibition review in Exibart

Arte in Nuvola

Solo exhibition • art fair • with Gallerie Riunite
Arte in Nuvola
Rome, Italy
November 23 – 26, 2023

PHI Foundation

REMEMBER, PERFORM, FORGET: Binding Space Through Utopia
Curated by Victoria Carrasco
PHI Foundation, 465 Saint-Jean Street


➤ Thursday, August 3, 2023 from 5:30 PM to 8 PM
Soft Launch and screening
Free admission · Limited capacity · PHI Foundation

➤ August 22, 2023 at 6 PM
Film screening and artist talk by Fiona Annis and Véronique La Perrière M
Free admission · PHI Foundation

➤ August 26 at 3 PM
Guided tour of L’étreinte des temps with Fiona Annis and Véronique La Perrière M
Location: Tiohtià:ke Otsira’kéhne Park
Reservations required:

“REMEMBER, PERFORM, FORGET: Binding Space Through Utopia” is a program of gatherings with Kerstin Honeit, The Society of Affective Archives, and Rodolfo Andaur, that is grounded in historical references that problematize the notion of place and public art. In particular, this includes the issues of governance, freedom, gender inequality, accessibility, the permanence of objects, the ephemerality of collective memory, and the documentation and preservation of past events.

Writing Mountains – Entre les lignes

Stewart Hall Gallery, Pointe-Claire, QC
March 18 – May 28, 2023
Vernissage: March 19, 2pm

Curated by : Manel Benchabane
With participating artists: Nour Bishouty, Kuh Del Rosario, Joyce Joumaa, La Société des archives affectives (Fiona Annis and Véronique La Perrière M), Anahita Norouzi, Hajra Waheed, Leila Zelli

See exhibition brochure


Artist talk
Penumbra Foundation, NYC
December 14, 2022, 7pm

It Slips and Falls and is Reborn

It Slips and Falls and is Reborn
A solo exhibition at Gallerie Riunite
Naples, Italy
Opening Sept 27, 2022


Artist residency at Sagamie
Alma, Québec
December 2022

Public artwork – in progress

Notre souffle par-delà
with The Society of Affective Archives
Montréal, Canada
Inauguration autumn 2023
Bureau d’Art Public – Ville de Montréal

Round table

Making Contradictions Visible: Artistic Practices in the Public Sphere

A panel discussion with Victoria Carrasco (Phi Foundation), Joliz Dela Peña and La Société des archives affectives (Fiona Annis and Véronique La Perrière M)

August 26 at 2pm, 2022

PAPIER Art Fair, Grand Quai du Port de Montréal


The Stars Are Dead But Their Light Lives On
A solo exhibition at Vaste et Vague, as part of Rencontres de la photographie en Gaspésie
August 5 – Sept 4, 2022

+ artist talk, August 18, 2022
Vaste et Vague, Carleton-sur-mer

++ Listen to a podcast about this project (en français)

+++ see a video-interview

Arte Fiera

Arte Fiera – Bologna, Italy
Fotografia e Immagini in Movimento
Solo with Gallerie Riunite
May 12 – 15, 2022

A meditation on the fragility and resilience of life, the exhibition presents images, video and text-based artworks exploring the themes of catastrophe, desire, and radical hope.

To the Moon and Back

Metropoliz: To the Moon and Back, has been published in the bilingual journal Espace art actuel – pratiques et perspectives. Edited by Marie-Pier Boucher, this special issue, entitled Space Feminism, gathers various texts that repopulate the space imaginary with artistic projects constructed according to feminist perspectives. My text focuses on the Museo dell’Altro e dell’Altrove di Metropoliz (MAAM) in Rome, and is punctuated with the voices of fellow artists Robin Siobhan McKenna, Anton Roca and Giorgio de Finis.

+ Read the article

Planimetria Abitata (Living Blueprint)

Planimetria Abitata (Living Blueprint) is a site specific artwork created at the Museo dell’Altro e dell’Altrove (Museum of the Other and the Elsewhere) in Rome, Italy. This museum is unique in that it is situated in an occupied industrial complex, home to some 80 families including immigrants, refugees, artists and local activists. The work was made with the cyanotype process, which historically was used to create “blue prints,” reproductions of architectural floor plans. For this project, a living blue print was created with residents of the site and is now part of the museum’s permanent exhibition.


Video capsule of Ad Astra, a public art project created for the CHUM medical library in 2021

See the video

Direction, camera and editing by Pierre Tremblay of Listo Films 

+ More information on the Ad Astra project


Why send messages to the stars? Because they are ancient, because they persist, because we are made of the same matter. Because they are our ancestors, our origin and our future.

Ad Astra is an artist’s book by The Society of Affective Archives. The publication is part of a public art project commissioned for the medical library of the University of Montreal Health Center.
Text by Claire Moeder
Graphic design by Criterium
English/French, 136 pages, colour, hardcover
Edition size: 250
+ more information


10 ans de Rencontres / Footprints: 10 Years of Rencontres, Éditions Escuminac, 2021

Text and image contribution to the bilingual catalogue 10 ans de Rencontres / Footprints: 10 Years of Rencontres, an epic archive of the annual photography event Rencontres internationales de la photographie en Gaspésie, which brings the work of national and international artists to various sites across Gaspésie. My thanks to the festival director Claude Goulet and Mona Hakim who directed the publication.


Universities Art Association of Canada

Interdisciplinarité et empathie : une collection poétique dans des archives institutionnelles

Presented by The Society of Affective Archives

October 21, 2021

Ad Astra, Work in progress

Public art project – Inauguration in 2021
With The Society of Affective Archives
For the Medical Library of the CHUM Hospital, Montréal
Ministère de la Culture et des Communications, QC 

The Society of Affective Archives (Fiona Annis and Véronique La Perrière M) continues to pursue adventures in public art. Join us at the CHUM hospital on November 20, 2019 for a presentation of the concept of our new permanent project for the CHUM medical library.


Film available online (as of April 2021)
The Society of Affective Archives & Maxime Pelletier-Huot

La Stanza del Tempo

Solo exhibition
La Stanza del Tempo (The Room of Time)
IntraGallery – Naples, Italy
Sept 29 – Nov 6, 2019

+ presentation at ArtVerona
Oct 11 – 13, 2019

Museo 900

Incontri inediti : Fiona Annis ed Eugenio Giliberti (Encounters: Fiona Annis and Eugenio Giliberti)
Castel Sant’Elmo – Museo Novecento
Naples, Italy
September 21 – Oct 15, 2019
Curated by Claudia Borrelli

Museo Novecento is dedicated to 20th century Napoletano artists. In the spirit of exchange, this exhibition marks a new program, bringing a new artwork by a younger artist into dialogue with an artwork in the collection. It’s a great honour to be showing a work in relation with the sculptures of Eugenio Giliberti.

The inauguration includes a panel discussion with: Marcella Marconi, director of Osservatorio Astronomico di Capodimonte, Mauro Gargano, curator of the Museum of Astronomical Instruments, independent curators Chiara Pirozzi and Alessandra Troncone, and journalist Mario Francesco Simeone

A Portion of that Which Was Once Everything

Solo exhibition
A Portion of that Which Was Once Everything
Campbell River Art Gallery
July 11 – September 4, 2019

“Together these photographs can be said to speak to the bones of the medium itself – individual records of light and time, that each call upon the viewer to consider that which lies beyond the limits of observation…”

– exhibition text by Vicky Chainey Gagnon

Un’ombra su carta

Group exhibition
Un’ombra su carta (The Art of Fixing a Shadow)
Milan, Italy
June 27 – July 12, 2019


Inauguration of the public artwork
L’Étreinte des temps
by the Society of Affectives Archives
(Fiona Annis, Véronique La Perrière M. and Nadia Myre)
Commissioned by the Bureau d’art public
For the park Tiohtià:ke Otsirà’kehne
Montreal, Quebec
Interview with Éric Clément in La Presse

L’Étreinte des temps

Film Screening
L’Étreinte des temps
International Festival of Films on Art (FIFA)
Montreal, Quebec
March 22, 2019

A documentary film about the creation of the public artwork L’étreinte des temps by the Society of Affectives Archives (Fiona Annis, Véronique La Perrière M. And invited member Nadia Myre). Film realized in collaboration with director Maxime Pelletier-Huot and le Bureau d’art public de la Ville de Montréal. See the trailer.


Solo Exhibition
Karsh-Masson Gallery
Ottawa, Canada
January 25 – March 17, 2019


Artist residency
Museum of Astronomical Instruments
The Observatory of Capodimonte
Naples, Italy
Winter 2018

The light that was never was

Solo exhibition
The Light that Was Never Was
Galerie D’Este
Montréal, Québec
September 6 – 30, 2018

In situ exhibition

In situ exhibition
Rencontres internationales de la photographie en Gaspésie
July 15 – September 30, 2018
+ Artist talk: August 17, 2018

Brucebo Foundation

Brucebo Foundation
Gotland, Sweden
+ Artist talk June 2018

Every Fibre of My Being

Group exhibition
Every Fibre of My Being
Elevator Mondays
Los Angeles, USA
July 9 – August 6, 2018

Curated by Stephanie Deumer, with participating artists: Fiona Annis, Ursula Handleigh, Terrance Houle, and Justin Waddell.

Dark arts

Banff Center for the Arts
Banff, Alberta
Jan 15 – Feb 15, 2018


Solo exhibition
Laval University
Galerie des arts visuels
Québec, Québec
Nov 9 – Dec 17, 2017

Musée national des beaux-arts du Québec

Acquisition of Celestial Measures,
Collection prêt d’œuvres d’art
Musée national des beaux-arts du Québec


Production Residency
Québec, Québec
October 2017

les révolutions sidérales

Solo exhibition
Les révolutions sidérales
Plein Sud
Longeuil, Québec
September 10 – November 5, 2016

All the Wild Horses

Solo exhibition
All the Wild Horses
Montréal, Québec
Collaboration with the Society of Affective Archives
March 23 – May 13, 2017

Artist Residency

Artist Residency
Rad’Art Project
San Romano, Italy
Spring 2016


PUBLIC 51: Colour
Editors: Christine Davis and Scott Lyall
Launch: New York City, Helen Frankenthaler Foundation
October 29, 2015


Artist Residency
Centre de production DAÏMÕN
Gatineau, Québec
Autumn 2015

+ Artist Talk
Galerie UQO
Gatineau, Québec
Les échos de la matière: l’enchâssement des temporalités

Morbid Anatomy Museum

Research Residency
Autumn 2015
The Morbid Anatomy Museum
Brooklyn, New York

Biennale internationale du lin

Collaboration with The Society of Affective Archives
Exhibition: Survivance (semence et poussière)
Biennale internationale du lin
Deschambault, Québec
June 20 – September 27, 2015

The stars are dead but their light lives on

The stars are dead but their light lives on

Solo Exhibitions:

Gallery 44
Toronto, Ontario
March 25 – April 18, 2015
+Artist talk: Fiona Annis in conversation with Nives Hadjin

Ace Art
Winnipeg, Manitoba
February 6- March 13, 2015
Artist talk: February 6th

Celestial Measures

Solo Exhibition
Celestial Measures
VU Photo
Québec, Québec
Nov 14 – Dec 14, 2014


Group Exhibition
Fiona Annis, Laura Findlay, and Lorna Bauer
Curated by Anastasia Hare & Natalia Lebedinskaia

Platform Gallery
Winnipeg, Manitoba
February 7 – March 22, 2014

The Art Gallery of Southwestern Manitoba
June 19 – August 16, 2014


Production Residency
Eastern Bloc New Media & Interdisciplinary Art
May 6 – June 19th, 2013
Public exhibition: June 20-23
Workshop & artist talk: June 23


Group Exhibition
The Canadian Centre for Architecture
November 13 2012 – January 26, 2013


The Penumbra Foundation
New York City
Janvier – juin 2012

*Le Fonds de recherche du Québec – Société et culture