The Post-Amen Project

The posthumous exhibition of The Distortion of Light by Shannon Jamieson (1982-2006)
Curated by Fiona Annis & Jamie Ferguson, 2007
Exhibited at Art en Majescule in Montréal, Quebec

Shannon Jamieson was an emerging Montreal-based visual artist. Her last complete body of work, The Distortion of Light, was created during a residency in Lyon, France. At this time Jamieson worked extensively at the site of L’Église du Bon Pasteur, a disaffected 18th century church. Shortly after completing this body of work, Jamieson committed suicide. One year later, Fiona Annis and Jamie Ferguson mounted a posthumous exhibition, entitled The Post-Amen Project, which exhibited The Distortion of Light, as well as accompanying documentation including a selection of the artist’s correspondences, sketch book entries, and suicide note.

This project was supported by le Gouvernement du Québec Jeunes Volontaires Project Grant

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